keeping your sanity intact by releasing the view listeners on the holders

In development, we come across various challenges which demand displaying large amounts of data sets that can be scrolled very efficiently without risking the performance cost is where the RecyclerView comes into the picture.

An advanced and flexible…

Every night I think of ways to fight
This melancholy has gripped me tight
Seems equivalent to a plight
Somewhere I know, I ain’t right
Things should’ve happened if I might
A new day with a new site
With him beside and eyes shine bright
I would’ve been happy and felt light
A different world, if I didn’t…

In a bright summer morning
Like the old times, when we loved hanging
The grass will be green,
The birds will be chirping
Ready for the sunrise, With you by my side
Holding my hand,
I didn’t mind, I’ll pretend
Savouring the moment,
I’ll check another achievement
The list has many points
But you’re already bind
The relation has ended
But the points are yet to be implemented
Holding onto the wish, will keep them safe with a kiss
Without you is a hell of a journey and now I realize, What I miss?
I don’t have you in my life, but the love is sharp as a knife
I hope you miss me too, every day and night
To this feeling, I feel, I fight
As a request to God, I book you as mine, in the next walk of life

People need to understand and control their urge to be judgemental about anyone based on the foundation of newly found mistakes and forgetting about all the hard work, efforts, and good things they’ve done till now.

After all, they used to be on the same ship working before they actually…

Create and Execute your own AsyncTask.

For over decades, AysncTask has been one of the most widely used solutions for writing concurrent code in Android and now even when it’s deprecated, it is good to know how you can reproduce the same functionality on your own.

So, in this article I have tried to implement my…

Twenties is all about Temporaries ! 😊

Fighting is the price for the Peace : Either you survive and suffer, or you simply end it for all the Good Reasons.
And somewhere, It’s worth it.

And sometimes in life waiting for someone who is never coming back, doesn’t stop you from loving them !

If you want something, you have to play your way around it !

Everybody talks, Everybody listens…
But somehow it’s the truth that comes up missing !

Pooja Srivastava

A Developer | A Writer | An Avid Reader

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