Burn Your Expectations, Lit Your Confidence 🔥

People need to understand and control their urge to be judgemental about anyone based on the foundation of newly found mistakes and forgetting about all the hard work, efforts, and good things they’ve done till now.

After all, they used to be on the same ship working before they actually become the sailor.

Mistakes play a role when learnings and teachings are a lifetime companion.

A tough nut to crack for them but you, rather than sitting and investing even a bit of your thoughts on “what they’re thinking about you?” — when the prime topic of concern is “what you’re to yourself?”

Pleasing others will leave no stone unturned to demolish your identity but compromising is one easy option to never opt by.

Fight back, not always with the people but also with your thoughts that pull you down every time you’re low on energy.

You know, there isn’t a thing you can’t do, you just need the right kind of audience around, to push you, to motivate you to be the real & better version of you with each passing day.

Time & Situations are temporary, you blink and they change!

But, Confidence is the key, carry it every moment like you carry clothes.

Confidence — not for they’ll like you but you’ll be okay if they don’t.

You can’t help it out if they see you like the one you’ve always avoided to be. But by keeping your sanity at ease, you can easily pull off the strings. You hold the power to rule over you, not anyone else.

Train your brain, how awesome of a person you are. Remind yourself every instant the positivity you hold.

A mere failure doesn’t define you, it helps you build a better tomorrow.

Expecting everyone to like you is setting yourself up for failure.

Focus more on what is making you happy. Be proud of who you are and not be ashamed of how someone sees you. Don’t let their inability to justify your ability.

So, the next time you encounter the situation — either you can give in or surrender or you can fight and move forward. It’s not what happens to you that defines who you are. It’s your choices that define who you are and what you want to be like.

NEVER GIVE UP — you never know what you’ll be able to end up with.

Nothing is forever and you have every reason to be hopeful and happy — start it by falling in love with yourself ❤ (1st secret to happiness)!

Enjoy Life & Enjoy Being You!



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