Feels With Me ❤

Every night I think of ways to fight
This melancholy has gripped me tight
Seems equivalent to a plight
Somewhere I know, I ain’t right
Things should’ve happened if I might
A new day with a new site
With him beside and eyes shine bright
I would’ve been happy and felt light
A different world, if I didn’t fright
It’s a long story if I recite

Been more than 3years, hasn’t loosened my sight
Oh boy! The love has reached its height
It all started from that beautiful night
Holding the offer letter, I sat for the next move to decide
Moving with my own pace, I thought I wasn’t in the race
Things were different and People were new
I never thought that I’ll meet you

Do you remember the first counter in the queue?
Asking me the way to the security room, I came to your rescue
Being in the same room, we never put an effort to know
Occupied in the work, didn’t realize when it started to snow

Winter made a move to put us together
Holding the hand of a friend, asking more folks to gather
How did we love to tear the silence with our chitter-chatter?
Soon, folks become friends and we ended up in a group
But we had our own story to cook
Unaware of the feelings that started to shook
Without realizing that now I’m writing my own book

Sharing the long talks and perceptions
Soon I became an addict to our conversations
In the span of 4 months, the love for you grew to tons
How we used to fight like nuns!
I still like you but none
Can we please go back in time like those?
I wanna tag you as mine and hold so close
A bit I regret the day I shove
When you made a slight move

Holding onto the memories, I’m still living my life
Thought to let you go would be the best flight
I still can’t decide, somewhere I know the love still reside
It’s a regret, why I didn’t confide
And till today, my thoughts you only ride
Words ain’t doing justice to the feelings I write
I didn’t know before what these strange feelings be like?

With every passing year, I was in fear
Falling hard for you, it was crystal clear
Our esteem were high, so I dropped with a sigh
Couldn’t put on a show, you know I’m shy
This… was necessary, call me clever or sly
Now, have to set you free, coz it’s high time to fly

Caging you with my memory is enough for the story
I’ll always remember you, just don’t worry
Chase your dreams and follow your heart, but don’t hurry
I had the best time with you and for all this,




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