In a bright summer morning
Like the old times, when we loved hanging
The grass will be green,
The birds will be chirping
Ready for the sunrise, With you by my side
Holding my hand,
I didn’t mind, I’ll pretend
Savouring the moment,
I’ll check another achievement
The list has many points
But you’re already bind
The relation has ended
But the points are yet to be implemented
Holding onto the wish, will keep them safe with a kiss
Without you is a hell of a journey and now I realize, What I miss?
I don’t have you in my life, but the love is sharp as a knife
I hope you miss me too, every day and night
To this feeling, I feel, I fight
As a request to God, I book you as mine, in the next walk of life

Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

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