Because getting what you want always comes with strings attached.
And when you think you’re finally in the clear…you’re never home free!

Just for the record,
Writing a new part…with a fresh start!

4th Jan 2021

Happy New Year!

Hold down your breath to release all the regrets, for all the love and care you deserve…
Breathe out your past with no fear, write a better tomorrow with this new year !!

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credits : Chetan Garg

People need to understand and control their urge to be judgemental about anyone based on the foundation of newly found mistakes and forgetting about all the hard work, efforts, and good things they’ve done till now.

After all, they used to be on the same ship working before they actually become the sailor.

Mistakes play a role when learnings and teachings are a lifetime companion.

A tough nut to crack for them but you, rather than sitting and investing even a bit of your thoughts on “what they’re thinking about you?” …

keeping your sanity intact by releasing the view listeners on the holders

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credits: Chetan Garg

In development, we come across various challenges which demand displaying large amounts of data sets that can be scrolled very efficiently without risking the performance cost is where the RecyclerView comes into the picture.

An advanced and flexible version of ListView, that encourages Memory Management by recycling the views as it uses ViewHolder that does the magic in reducing the ViewCreation by keeping the MainThread away from a CPU Intensive Task, thus improving performance.

But since it recycles items, Views that have the toggling behavior (checkbox, switch…etc) end up losing their current state (selected by the user) on scrolling, resulting in unpredictable behavior inside the RecyclerView. …

I don’t know exactly, I even don’t think if it’s one particular thing or if it’s overall.
Sometimes you might feel a strong pull towards someone and yet not pin point — what exactly is so attractive about them?

We do have a choice:
Either we can give in and surrender
Or we can fight and move forward
It’s not what happens to us that defines who we are.
It’s our choices that defines who we are and what we want to be like.
Never Give Up — You never know, what you’ll be able to end up with.

And sometimes, it isn’t the right moment in life to make certain choices.
And no matter, how badly they nudge you to be in the right direction —
you know that you need to find them on your own.

There isn’t only one way to get a thing. If you really want it, you got to try… whatever it takes.
Try different ways, one might work!

I had been running….running after something for so… soo long that it fatigues me whenever I try to cross the memory lane.
Engulfing the darkness, I request for some peace to pour the liveliness in me again!


Pooja Srivastava

A Developer | A Writer | An Avid Reader

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